The First Controlled Aeroplane Flight in Australia
March 18, 1910
photo by Franz Kukol
photo by Franz Kukol
Bess, Antonio Brassac, Jim Vickery and Houdini--On the Road to Australia
Harold James Vickery
Houdini's Assistant
Actor, Carpenter, Machinist
He was invaluable to Houdini
and later to Houdini's brother,
Theo Hardeen.
When Houdini cracked his
aeroplane up during an early
attempt to get into the air at , it
was Vickery that patched it up
along with the plane's
mechanic, Antonio Brassac.
The photo to the left and the two
below are from Harold James
Vickery's granddaughter, Janice
Sauer, and her husband, Jerry.
Pauline Rey Vickery, her Son, soap-opera star Jim Vickery, and her daughter, Madeline