Houdini--The Key by Patrick Culliton Reveals Houdini's Best Kept
Secrets (publication date October 31, 2010)
A limited edition of 278 books, Houdini--the Key is intended as a
reference book on the secrets of Houdini's magic and escapes.
I am very proud that some of the best minds in the field of magic
have bought this book. I believe that this book
is a key because
the notes and references, not to mention the 940 illustrations,
will unlock a thousand doors for anyone researching Houdini
and his methods.
Patrick Culliton
Here is theTable of Contents:
Introduction 7
Prologue 9
  the Family
  Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss 9
  Cecelia Steiner Weiss and Her Children 12
  the Boyhood 18
  the Little Messenger 20
  Bessie 26
Chapter One Metamorphosis 44
  the Other Houdini 60
Chapter Two the Handcuff King 64
Chapter Three the Handcuff Trick 77
  The Defiance Handcuff Act 78
  Lewis Paul 90
  Coining His Thrill in Publicity 92
  The Power 95
  Gaffed Cuffs 101
Chapter Four Blackburn 108
  The Great Handcuff Release 120
Chapter Five the Confederates 125
Chapter Six Cologne 132
Chapter Seven the Supercuffs 137
Chapter Eight the Mirror Handcuff Mystery 144
Chapter Nine the Jail Breaker 158
  the Carette 167
  Light on the Subject of Jailbreaking 169
  Yorkville 171
  the Fairy Handcuff King 173
Chapter Ten How I Get Out of My Rope Ties 181
Chapter Eleven My Rope Escapes 189
Chapter Twelve Lessons in Magic 203
Chapter Thirteen the King of Cards 212
Chapter Fourteen Exclusive Magic Secrets 228
  the Magnetic Pencil 237
  the Thumb Racket 238
  the Wizard Exposed 240
Chapter Fifteen the Kid Brother 242
Chapter Sixteen the Assistants 244
Chapter Seventeen the Inventors 248
Chapter Eighteen the Milk Can 250
  the Double Fold Death Defying Mystery 260
  A Liar Worthy of Houdini 263
Chapter Nineteen Walking Through a Solid Brick Wall 264
Chapter Twenty the Vanishing Elephant 276
Chapter Twenty-One Chained Inside a Sea Monster—the
Challenges 294
  the Iron Boiler 299
  the Glass Case 301
  the Iron Box 304
  the Wet Sheet Test 305
  the Mail Bag 306
Chapter Twenty-Two Boxes 309
Chapter Twenty-Three Burial At Sea 314
Chapter Twenty-Four Buried Alive 322
Chapter Twenty-Five the Man Who Read Roosevelt’s Mind 340
Chapter Twenty-Six How I Get Out of a Straight-Jacket 348
  the Houdini Hardeen Straight Jacket Release 356
  the Straight Jacket Release 359
Chapter Twenty-Seven the House of Mystery 365
Chapter Twenty-eight Ghosts that Talk by Radio 376
Chapter Twenty-Nine How I Do My Spirit Tricks 385
Chapter Thirty the Big Show 396
  Paligenesia 400
  Radio 1950 402
Chapter Thirty-One How I Unmask the Spirit Fakers 406
Chapter Thirty-Two the Yogi Masterpiece 421
Chapter Thirty-Three the Water Torture Cell 428
Index 457
Houdini--the Key is now on sale for $195 + 12 shipping (in
the U. S.) email pkcull@aol.com to reserve a copy. 460 pp.
with index and slipcase.